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At the GOATA Institute, we deliver the most comprehensive and streamlined education of the GLS GOATA Movement System as possible. Our education can be accessed anywhere in the world – at any time. Check out more information on our curriculum below and see what people have been saying!

Module 1

Learn The Global Laws of GOATA with the help of three different case studies, understand the tempo of the locomotive cycle, and receive 2 accompanying PDFs that summarize GOATA Movement and the Global Laws of GOATA.

Module 2

Learn how to maximize the recode process via the GOATA Lifestyle principles. Lessons include the importance of adopting proper resting postures along with introducing drills to begin recoding your walk.

Module 3

Learn the difference between the lifting engine & locomotive engineinside ankle bone low & the mechanism of the non contact injury, and a deep dive into posterior/anterior tilt.

Module 4

Learn the science of the GOATA “Bow”, how to load a Bow within various angles, how to create a “two way go” with the Bow, a case study showing the all the potential athletic expressions of the Bow, and how to identify where & when the pressure sets into the column.

Module 5

Learn the science behind the “Cornering” process (the action that follows the Bow), the hinge & its relevance to the Corner, and a case study of the various expressions of the Corner in athletic movements.

Module 6

Four case studies designed to teach you how to perfect the overhead-level swing (ex. football throw, baseball throw), the chest-level swing (ex. baseball swing, tennis strike, lacrosse throw), the floor-level swing (ex. golf swing), and the arm swing (in the run gait).

Module 7

Learn the GLS GOATA Movement Assessment System. Education includes: how to conduct the premovement assessment and common errors, how to assess the walk, common bow & corner misses (with corrective regimens), and a downloadable recoding guideline.

Module 8

Learn how to use the GOATA Movement app including: navigating the application interface, how to add clients/athletes, how to initiate client assessments, how to program regimens for clients, and the GLS GOATA Movement Recode library.

Module 9/10

Watch Coach Ricky conduct two in person assessments and provide hands-on corrective routines for two coaches at a recent GOATA lab weekend (Module 9). In Module 10 – you’ll have access to videos reviewing: groundwork tips & reminders, standing work tips & reminders, using support during the recode, and a PDF outline more recode tips. This module also includes part 2 of “where is the pressure?” – a video designed to help you better understand how to properly load your columns.

Here’s what some of our coaches have been saying!

I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous amount of effort you put into this. Some of the videos on the institute – I’ve watched more than 10 times. Totally mind blowing and life changing both personally and as a coach.

Ilias Papaioannou

Thanks to Coach Gary, Coach Ricky, and the GOATA Movement community – I’m training to optimize human locomotion instead of the lifting engine. I’m training to be more explosive, powerful, faster, and agile – while preventing injury and remaining pain-free.

Billy Riano


The GOATA Institute was developed to bring a world-class education of the GLS GOATA Movement System to a coach located anywhere in the world – at any time.

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